sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012

Notes of December 7th.

Three days before my birthday and I'm feeling crapy. One desiee, one impossible love, persons trying to change me besides looking themselves and realize that we have to change TOGHETER and NOT ONLY ME.

I'm sad; my soul is crying. I can give it all out anytime. I need my freedom again and I'm feeling traped. I need the enjoy of stay with my comrades and friends; the happiness of study. I need to be happy with I work, the pleasure of go to sleep very well and wake up happy for the day.

I need friends who knows what I am and knows how to work with it. Friends that doesn't have to play with my sexual preferences and don't judge me because of that. Who behave with me like behave with all other friends. I DON'T NEED TO BE SPECIAL, I need to be like everyone.

I live in a world where the money is all and I don't share this same thinking. Money for me is only the provider of my family' necessities, but it don't me feel this way. When people is trapped for this thinking, they become selfish and fulish. Their behavior change to the worse and that's so bad for me... Our world provide things so good to be enjoyed. We truly don't need to be dependent of money. 

That's simple: enjoy the life and use the money as less as you can.

For last, I need to say that I will be miss so quickly for everyone when I dead and I don't know if I will stay conscient when this happen... anyway, if this happens in the next days, stay registered that I will miss my friends and my family so much. 

I will miss my mom, one of the best persons that I finded in this world; my positive solmates that God gave to me; my friends; my love; until my negative soulmate...


Definitly, I need time to cry so much and recover myself!

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